How can i find people for exchange??

Por: Magicadelspell

15 ene 2012 14:04

How can i find people for exchange??

I am brandnew here and maybe someone could help me? :-) I filled out all my details, where my flat is, what time it is available and what i am looking for. For example: I have a flat free in Vienna and I want to exchange it for Barcelona. How can I directly find people who wants to be in Vienna and offer a flat in Barcelona without reading through hundreds of Barcelona offers if they want a flat in Vienna etc... I do not find a possibility to make an exact match. But this is, I thought what such websites are for normally, to make exact matches, so people havent to go through all the single messages... Help would be very apreciated! Thanks a lot! Muchas Gracias! Gudrun


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    Por: Help

    31 ene 2012 06:17

    Hello Gudrun,
    You can use the preferences options in the search tools to mark the check-box "That are interested in travelling to my country" to filter results. There is no option to do this at the city level yet.
    Another way to find users from Barcelona that are interested in your offer is to post the offer in a topic here in the Community Forum, for example, in the "Exchange requests" category.
    Any suggestions that would help improve the service are much welcome.
    Happy swapping!